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Chilliwack Field Naturalists Club Annual Report 2016-2017 - Helen Turner, President


·        33 registered members; 29 single, 6 family, and 3 corporate (drop of 1 member from 2015-16)


March 20, 2016   Surrey Bend Regional Park, with AMNC

April 10, 2016            Thacker Mountain

April 23, 2016   Surrey Bend Regional Park, with LFN

May 1, 2016               Stein Valley Provincial Park

May 29, 2016             Great blue Heron Nature Reserve

June 10, 2016   Skagit Provincial Park, with LFN

June 21, 2016   Annual Picnic, Camp River Wildlife Area

June 23, 2016             Botanie Valley Ecological Reserve

July 20, 2016             Manning Provincial Park Alpine Meadows

August 3, 2016            Cheam Lake Wetland Regional Park , with DNS

August 24, 2016   Jack Jackaman’s Annual Picnic and Browne Creek Wetland

September 11, 2016            Riverview Horticultural Centre Society Treefest

September 18, 2016             Hillkeep Regional Park

October 16, 2016   Reifel Bird Sanctuary

November 13, 2016 Chilliwack River Fish Hatchery

January 21, 2017   Hope River Annual Walk

February 25, 2017   Wilband Creek Park


March 15, 2016             Teresa & Dennis Gagne - Botanie Valley

April 16, 2016             Valerie Whetter 2nd Speaker Series

Susan Eaton – Team Sedna North West Passage Snorkel

May 17, 2016             Dr. Eric Anderson – From Herring to Grey Whales

Environment & Climate Change Canada: Pacific Flyway Ambassadors Dustin & Khiran


September 20, 2016    Hugh Laughlin & Cynthia Berg – Mason Bees

October 18, 2016   Denis Knopp – Mushrooms (Sharmin Gamiet rescheduled) 

November 15, 2018            Dr. John Clague – Sea Level Rise Effects on BC Coast

January 17, 2017             Member’s Night Presentations

February 21, 2016             Patrick Burke of Quercus Ecological  – Wahleach Watershed Species at Risk Study



Quercus Ecological’s 2017 application to the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP) Coastal Region for project entitled “Conserving Riparian Habitats and Species-at-Risk in the Wahleach Watershed” - October 17, 2016


·        Submission to NEB on Essential considerations for new legislation on federal environmental assessment in Canada (Fernando Selles) - January 30 2017


·        Letter to Chilliwack Mayor and Council thanking them for installation of a gate and environmental clean up at Vedder River and Hopedale Road - April 29, 2016.


·        CFN continued meeting at the Neighbourhood Learning Centre, 46361 Chilliwack.

·        CFN celebrated the 10th year of Coffee Cutters, our monthly maintenance work party at the Camp Slough Wildlife Area - Spring 2017

·        Janet Pollock set up the CFN display board and led a bird walk for Earth Day at the GBHNR. April 23, 2016

·        Janne Perrin presented a talk on frogs to Robertson Elementary NatureKids group. April 26, 2016

·        Janne Perrin, CFN BCN Director, attended the BCN AGM in Comox. May 9-11 2016

·        CFN received a $100 honorarium for Janne’s talk on wild bees to the FVRD Summer Fun Camp, Hope, BC.  July 6, 2016

·        The Nature Trust, owners of the Camp Slough Wildlife Area, with the help of their Lower Mainland Conservation Crew, renewed many swallow nest boxes, helped CFN put up an barn owl box made by EFV NatureKIds and worked with several BCIT Fish, Wildlife & Recreation Program students on a small mammal survey on the property – Summer & Fall 2016

·        Janne Perrin, CFN BCN Director, & Helen Turner, CFN President, attended the BCN FGM in Prince George. September 22-25, 2016

·        CFN members participated at The Nature Trust of British Columbia restoration planting at Wells Sanctuary – October 2, 2016

·        Janet Pollock and Helen Turner represented CFN at the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival - November 19 & 20. 2016

·        Janne presented a talk on birds and led a group of EFV NatureKids at the GBHNR during the CBC4Kids. December 3, 2016.

·        Harrison Christmas Bird Count December 14, 2016

·        Chilliwack Christmas Bird Count December 17, 2016 followed by potluck supper at Little Mountain Meadows Townhouse complex.

·        Denis Knopp coordinated both the Chilliwack and Harrison River Bird Counts

·        Terry Letcher resigned as field trip coordinator January 2017. Janne Perrin is interim coordinator.

·        Fernando  & Paulina Selles presented a nature talk to the local Parkinson’s Society. February 14, 2017