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The Christmas Bird Count began over a century ago when 27 conservationists in 25 localities, led by scientist Frank Chapman, changed the course of ornithological history.  On Christmas Day 1900, the small group of conservationists posed an alternative to the “side hunt,” a Christmas day activity in which teams competed to see who could shoot the most birds and small mammals.  Instead, Chapman proposed to identify, count, and record all the birds they saw, founding what is now considered to be the most significant citizen-based conservation effort and a more than century-old institution.

Chilliwack Field Naturalists host two Christmas Bird Counts annually in December - the Chilliwack Count and the Harrison River Count.  Preceding the counts we host a pre-count evening with a presentation on winter birds of the upper Fraser valley and an opportunity for local citizens to join a local team. Each team has a expert leader, a recorder and a number of observers - depends on the size of vehicle of the team leader!

Dates and details for the 2019 Count will be posted at a later date.  All counts take place between December 14 and January 5.


2018 Harrison River Count Results


2018 Chilliwack Count Results 



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