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CHILLIWACK FIELD NATURALISTS                                                          March 1981


Name:  The Society shall be known as the CHILLIWACK FIELD NATURALISTS



1.      To provide opportunities for the enjoyment and study of the natural environment and of the plant and animal species therein.

2.      To encourage responsible stewardship of all our natural resources.



1.                  Membership

a.      Membership shall be open to all persons in sympathy with the objects of the Society.

b.      Annual membership fees shall be paid yearly in advance in the amount determined by the Society.

c.      Any member whose conduct is deemed grossly detrimental to the purposes of the Society may be expelled by three-quarters majority of those present at any general meeting of the Society.


2.                  Meetings

a.      The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of March each year.

b.      At least fourteen days notice shall be given of the Annual General Meeting.

c.      A quorum at the Annual General Meeting shall be ten percent of the members in good standing.



3.                  Executive Committee

a.      The officers of the Society shall be:            president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and immediate past president.

b.      The officers shall be elected for a term of one year each.


4.                  Election of Officers

a.      The officers shall be nominated and elected at the Annual General Meeting with the exception of the immediate past president who shall hold office automatically.

b.      All members in good standing are entitled to vote.


5.                  Duties of Officers

a.      The president shall preside at all meetings of the Society and of the Executive committee.

b.      The vice-president shall carry out the duties of the president during his absence or at his request.

c.      The secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Society, issue notices of meetings, keep minutes of all meetings and have custody of all records and documents of the Society except those required by the treasurer.

d.      The treasurer shall have charge of all monies of the Society, collect all dues and make all duly authorized payments.  He shall render financial statements to the officers and members when required and present an annual financial statement.

e.      The Executive Committee shall conduct the business and management of the affairs of the Society.  They shall from their number and/or from the membership of the Society appoint such committees as are deemed necessary.

f.        As required by the Federation of British Columbia Naturalists, the Executive Committee shall see to the selection of a member of the Society to sit on the board of the said Federation for a period of two years as a representative of the Society.


6.                  General Regulations

a.      All banking documents and cheques shall be signed by any two of the four elected officers of the Society.

b.      The records of the Society shall be open to inspection by any member in good standing on giving of reasonable notice.

c.      The By-Laws may be altered only by passage of an extraordinary resolution by a three-quarters majority of those at a general meeting of the Society, notice of such resolution having been given at least fourteen days in advance of the meeting date.

d.      In event of dissolution of the Society any outstanding debts shall be paid up and the remaining monies and assets donated to an organization promoting purposed similar to those of this Society.

e.      Bourinotís Rules of Order, where not inconsistent with these By-Laws, shall apply to all meetings of the Society.