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Minutes of the Chilliwack Field Naturalists Executive Meeting

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Lee and Denis’ home, Chilliwack

7:00 pm

Present: Denis Knopp, Lee Larkin, Fernando Selles, Paulina Selles, Janet Pollock, Helen Turner, Scott Denkers

  1. Call meeting to order at 7:40 pm
  2. Minutes from the previous meeting Paulina seconded, approved by the executive.
  3. Approval of the agenda - Okayed
  4. Business Arising from previous minutes
    1. Field trips – Fernando reported on Hope trip. Fernando has some new trip possibilities for the club. Denis suggested asking what kind of trips the members would like. Denis and Dennis will be doing a butterfly trip in June to Hope. Also Phantom Orchid trip to Cultus Lake in early June. Denis is also looking at going to Botanie Valley. The Manning Park trip will be sometime in mid-July depending on snow levels.
    2. Speakers – Lee reported in May we will have Dennis St. John on bees. Myles Lamont in September on Sandhill Cranes. Suggestion from Fernando for a speaker is Lena Azeez Watershed Salmon Watch
    3. Bird Brochure – Fernando was looking at software for the brochure. Fernando was in touch with Langley Field Naturalists and found they had hired someone to design their brochure for $800. Basic questions need to be addressed first: 1) audience (age, skills), 2) we have only 54 slots in the brochure template, so which birds do we choose?
    4. Camp River – Denis mowed and Sammy did bird box cleaning.
    5. Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club – Lee reported on Notice of intention to Apply for a Disposition of Crown Land. ATVs are going everywhere in the woods willy-nilly. Enforcement officers are really needed to control the mess. Lee will redo the letter for the Federation.
    6. Chilliwack Library – Helen and Margaret set up our booth at the Chilliwack library. A few people were interested in 3 hours.
  1. New Business
    1. Service Award for Annabelle – Annabelle could not go to Duncan to receive the award, but will be happy to attend a luncheon with the CFN Executive. Janne will be organizing.
    2. Letter of support for Cole Stahl – Fernando wrote a letter of recommendation for our club’s youngest member.
    3. Marine Protected Area – Nature Canada’s ''Make the Deep Sea Oasis an Effective Marine Protected Area'' campaign letter looking for signers in support of the MPA. The Executive agreed we should add our club’s name to the letter. Fernando will send the letter to Denis for signing.
    4. CFN Role in a Changing World – Fernando asked what is the role of CFN given the impending global environmental threats? He is writing a letter to the press and looking for feedback from the executive.
    5. Trailer license renewal – The club has helped in the past and Denis wanted to know if the club would take care of this. Janet will write a cheque.
    6. Camp River Wildlife Area – Denis mowed and pulled blackberries for the club picnic. A homeless person was residing at the area and a neighbour contacted the police and us. A security company evicted the person and confiscated his possessions. Tobias Roehr, BC Wildlife Federation, is bringing Columbine seeds and stakes for planting on the June 22nd weekend.
    7. BCN AGM Overview – Janne sent the overview out and Lee reported.
    8. Club Logo – Time to have a new letterhead? Discussion for upcoming meeting.
  1. Reports
    1. Conservation:

CFN Role – Fernando (see 5d.)

"Donut Hole" comments – Scott went over Imperial Metals request for mining in the Donut Hole, which is the privately owned area between Manning and Skagit Provincial Parks. Comments to be submitted by CFN?

  1. Treasurer’s report: As of April 30th. Janet previously emailed it out – Paulina seconded and okayed by the Executive. Janet noted that a sign in sheet at member meetings is needed.
    1. General account $ 2,600.30
    2. Camp River $ 4.12
    3. Membership shares $ 34.24
    4. Term deposit $10,000.00
  2. Thanks to Lee for hosting!
  3. Next meeting – June 4th at Helen Turner’s housesit, 46662 Crosby Place, Chilliwack.
  4. Club Picnic – at Camp River, 5:30 pm, June 18th
  5. Adjourned at 9:20 pm

Submitted by Scott Denkers